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Ref.ID is a digital platform that allows you to share links and earn points and commissions for every link you share. Not only that, but you will also get a free website and comprehensive statistics that are highly beneficial for developing your business and promoting your media.

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preview helps visitors access all social media information and links to your products. will link video, articles, websites, online stores, marketplaces, seminar forms, and all links related to the online world!


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Track and View Statistics

The advantage is that you can get all the features easily without the need to use many separate tools. Every shared link can earn rewards and you can know who opened and shared your link again.

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You can use as a means to promote your products and services to your target market without having to spend a huge amount on advertising that could make you lose due to high advertising costs but uncertain results. With, you can promote your products/services effectively and ensure profits because you only incur fees/commissions from the links that actually sell.
For Content creators, will help spread your content links to many people through referrals from members.

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Every logged-in visitor will get free membership and receive a free website, points, and commissions. With the referral system, you will earn income from every shared referral link without any limit.

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In a simple and easy way, after registering, you will get a free website to facilitate sharing benefits through the links you share.

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