About Us

Ref.id is an all-in-one digital platform that helps SMEs and content creators to reference and market their products.

The main problem faced by SMEs and content creators is that they have to do everything themselves.
They have to learn to use many different tools, each with its own complexities, which makes their work difficult and less efficient.

Ref.id is here to provide an easy solution for creating shortlinks, instant website creation, generating QR codes, and offering rewards and commissions for successfully marketed links. Through ref.id, we can see who has referenced our links and how many times those links have been shared.

Ref.id provides rewards in the form of points and commissions, which are given up to 5 referral levels and can be easily tracked. This makes Ref.id a solution for digital word-of-mouth marketing or WOM.

To support SMEs and content creators, Ref.id offers e-commerce/shopping cart facilities to sell their virtual products.

Ref.id was developed during the pandemic and launched in June 2023 by an experienced team in the IT and digital marketing industry.

With integrated features and facilities, Ref.id can be a solution for digital marketers while also increasing income and productivity for users.